Gunpoint Advertising

Fast and Furious action films are like the tortoise, compared to screeching online advertising on mobile phones and all electronic gadgets.

Traditional advertising places things on display, in magazines, newspapers, television, radio, billboards, t-shirts, street lights, buses, park benches and bus stop shelters with the hope that consumers will remember the product when it is time to buy detergent or paint.

Online advertising threw out the gentleman act.  They are in-house, in your phone, 24/7.  Buy this or else.  Commands.  Demands.  Deadlines.   Get rewards.  Get more points.  Get cashback.  Everyday instructions, in fact, condescending instructions.
For example, people who don’t like going to the movies should not be accused of not using their debit or credit card points.  It’s like being taken to the principal’s office for wearing a blue, instead of the school uniform’s white shirt.

Online advertising dances to its own music, outside standards set by advertising bureaus found all over the world.  Consumers are largely to blame.  They never ask why cashiers want their emails when they pay for goods and services. Cashiers never give reasons for the demand.

What is your email address?  What is your postal code?

It is a lopsided situation because consumers go home with what they paid for.  Shops get both the money and private information such as email, a tool they will use in future to advertise their goods.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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