No Selfies Zones

Watching people self themselves with selfies is a source of amusement.  They fix their hair, strike a pose and raise cellphones high up for a perfect shot.  Voila! You have a selfie that can be sent to the whole world.

However, there are news report of people who died because they took selfies while climbing a mountain, scaling a bridge or crossing a major intersection.

There are NO SMOKING zones so we are going to see NO SELFIES zones, pretty soon.

1.       Operating theatres: doctors will not be allowed to take selfies while they cut up a patient on the operating table.

2.       Chefs:  no selfies in restaurant kitchens otherwise medium rare steaks will be cooked well done.

3.       Pilots: whether they are on auto pilot or not, selfies are a No! No!  They might hit a cloud or Canadian geese in transit, causing a major aviation incident.

4.       Bus drivers:  the bus company will be liable if 30 people on the bus are killed or maimed because the driver was taking a selfie for Instagram.

5.       Hackers:  taking selfies of themselves laughing as they break into bank accounts.

It is a selfie world.  Have a safe selfie-ng!


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