Remember in Zulu

Back to school, kids must remember to take their back-packs.

Remember is khumbula in Zulu.                                                                                                                     
It is remembering something that happened some time ago or missing somebody.  First day at school will see some tears as little ones miss their parents and vice versa.

Prosecutors and lawyers want people to remember where they were when the crime was committed, even the time.  I find that ridiculous because no clock or watches show the same time, and people don’t look at the watches or cellphones when a crime is committed or when they are shot by stray bullets.
Khu-mbu-la. You say the first part like cook, the second part like embers, but with a -u- and the last part as in lass.

A girl’s name which means a family must remember.
A boy’s name which means you must remember.
A boy’s name, the thing that makes us remember or a symbol of remembrance.
I don’t remember anymore (old people sometimes forget).
I miss them.
We miss them.
Prudence, ngi-ya-ku-khu-mbu-la.
Prudence, I miss you.
Sebastian, ngi-ya-ku-khu-mbu-la.
Sebastian, I miss you.
Fiona, khu-mbu-za u-do-ko-te-la nga-ma-phi-li-si.
Fiona, remind the doctor about the pills.
Prince, khu-mbu-za u-mama nge-school fees.
Prince, remind mother about the school fees.
U-ma-ma u-khu-mbu-la i-zi-nga-ne za-khe.
Mother is missing her kids.
Ba-khu-mbu-la u-Barack Obama.
They miss Barack Obama.
A-ngi-khu-mbuli u-ku-thi ngi-yi-be-ke-pi.
I don’t remember where I put it.
I-thi-ni i-password yakho?
What is your password?
I don’t remember it.
Khu-mbu-la-ni ama-si-ko e-nu.
Remember your culture/customs.
Exercise:  If you meet people from Africa, always ask them the meaning of their names.

By: Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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