Comfort Food As Regret Food

Comfort food is good for the soul, which usually bleeds in winter from icy roads, bad drivers that want to annihilate pedestrians, frozen fingers and toes that take a sabbatical.  What happened to my toes?  I thought I was wearing special socks for boots?

We therefore have a right to comfort food which throws doctors’ orders out of the window and has no loyalty to calories.  No calculator on the table, thanks very much.  Piece of bread 5 calories, half a banana 10 calories, sugar-free cheesecake 2,000 calories.  Ah! Ah!  We only live once.

Naw!  Comfort food is old school food with its compulsory second helping.  It involves licking fingers and giving a big sigh, about the good life, which is shelter, food, love and debt. 

The problem is the zip.  The jeans remind you that comfort food can also be called you will regret food.  Home sweet home is even sweeter in winter after surviving blowing snow and bumper to bumper traffic.
What is more welcoming than a pot of beef stew with dumplings on top?  The zip is the problem, when zips in all your jeans and pants refuse to grow up, or should we say zip up.

I will regret alright but in the meantime, let me find comfort from this merciless winter with some comfort food.  Exercise?  I’ll go back to walking or the gym when the weather is warmer.


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