Facebook Friends and Enemies

Facebook has a business rival.  It is FRIENDS AND ENEMIES, my latest project.  Forget Twitter, Instagram and other platforms that have ‘friends’ as the foundation.  I’m developing something that is more realistic, which is the cold fact that enemies used to be friends. 

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES will be the new social media sensation because enemies will pour their guts out.  For example, how John and Mary used to be tight like the tongue and saliva, but she dumped him when she won the Miss Universe contest.

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES will give us the reason why somebody ‘unfriended’ me on Facebook.  Maybe I genuinely forgot to invite her to my son’s wedding, attended by the country’s crème de la crème. 
That hurt her a great deal because when we were poor, we once fantasized about what we would wear, at our kids’ weddings.  Facebook doesn’t have a little box that explains why someone unfriends me.  They should.

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES will take the saying: don’t get mad get even, to another level.  It will tell it like it is, even provide photos of how people look in 2017, the year of the lord.  Enough of sweet sixteen photos LOL!
FRIENDS AND ENEMIES will have so much traffic, Mark Zuckerberg and his crew will buy them out, because that is the only way to silence competition.  If you can’t beat them, join them.
Now, let’s see.  Which real life friend will I expose on FRIENDS AND ENEMIES?
Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of the South African novel, Sweetness.


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