Predict in Zulu

To predict is bhu-la.                                                                                                                  

Canada will have a general election in October 2019 and the United States campaign structure for the 2020 presidential election, is already at window level.
There will be all kinds of polls predicting the results in both countries.  Political staff that babysit candidates also predict jaundiced outcomes, based on their own stats. Therefore, in a way, polls u-ku-bhula. 
Bhu-la comes from how amaZulu lived before Christianity, polls, television and the internet.  Traditional societies in Africa, Asia and Australia have soothsayers, people who ‘see’ into the future.  
Old movies had women who used round glass objects to ‘see’ the present and future.  Nigerian movie directors love scenes where native doctors throw bones on a grass mat, to predict what will happen.  
Once upon a time, ama-Zulu had a powerful king, u-Shaka ka Senzangakhona.  When his brothers killed him to hijack the throne, he told them that they will never be kings because ocean birds were circling the land.  He predicted the coming of white men from England, France and the Netherlands, (wa-bhu-la).
Bhu-la.  You say the first part like booze and the second like lass.

Bhu-la mngo-ma bhu-la.
Predict soothsayer predict!
Wa-bhula u-ku-thi ku-zo-ba ne-ndla-la.
He predicted that they’ll be famine.
I-nkosi u-Shaka wabhula ukuthi abelungu bayeza.
King Shaka predicted the coming of the white man.
Babhula ukuthi u-Justin Trudeau uzohlulwa.
They are predicting that Justin Trudeau will be defeated.
Babhula ukuthi u-President Trump uzohlulwa.
They are predicting that President Trump will be defeated.
Bhula phela!  Angithi uyazi.
Well, say what will happen since you are so smart!
Babhula ama-khaza.
They are predicting a harsh winter.

 By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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