Weddings Seating Dilemma

Drama at wedding seating arrangements.

Store display.
So, you’ve decided on a spring wedding? No problem, love is in the air or you’ve accepted an arranged marriage proposal.  The problem is managing your family at the sit-down dinner, managing, because family is not monochrome. 
Siblings carry the same surname and religion, but they come in different ages, temperament, economic circumstances, education, culture arrogance and where they live at the time of your wedding.
These categories are no help either, for example, putting married couples at the same table might come with a nasty surprise where a couple announces a divorce.  Also, married women that are not allowed to breathe a word at home dread wedding seating arrangements that reinforce their nonentity existence.

But married women have no trauma compared to your single girlfriends or divorcees.  They feel their unicorn status more in social gatherings such as weddings and parties, where some married women regard them as potential rivals and cling to husbands they stopped loving before hashtags.  Seating them at a table where they can be comfortable is also a challenge.
O.K.  At least seating teenagers won’t be a problem.  That might not work. Teenage cousins that live in Delhi or Qatar might not understand why cousins from California dress externally i.e. body parts exposed for the world to see.

Whether you have a wedding planner or in charge of your wedding’s logistics, thinking outside the box might do the trick.  Your grandmother might find a teen’s dress code fascinating and vice versa.  One thing leads to the other or her basement, where she has vintage clothing to die for.
Who am I kidding?  All tables will be silent like a public library, with most guests making love to their phones.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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