Repair in Zulu

Repair is -khanda in Zulu.
I-khanda, which means the head, featured in a previous post.  This lesson is the verb -khanda.  Something is broken.  You have to use your head to determine what is wrong.  Your toolbox with all the latest electronics will not help if your diagnosis is wrong.

To fix or repair something is -khanda because you use your head (i-kha-nda) to find out why the car won’t start.  A possibility is that it doesn’t have gas/petrol.  It happens.  We live in difficult times.  In that case, the car is not broken.  You just need to walk to the nearest gas station with a can to buy a few litres.  You don’t have $10?  Then you are broke, broke, broke and need repairing yourself.
Warm weather is coming.  There’ll be a lot of boots on the roofs doing repairs.  The Maintenance Department where you work deserves respect because they repair broken toilets.
Some things cannot be repaired because they are not meant to be.  That is why there are dollar stores in Canada and the U.S.  Use and garbage it.  Moving figures around, as in fraud is also repairing books. U-khanda izincwadi.
Kha-nda.  You say the first part like come and the second like Linda.

U-baba u-kha-nda a-ma-ayina.
Father repairs electrical irons.
U-Solly u-kha-nda i-zi-mo-to.
Solly is a motor mechanic.
Ba-kha-nda i-zi-ca-thu-lo.
They repair shoes.
I-bho-dwe li-ya-vu-za. Ngi-zo-li-kha-nda.
The pot is leaking.  I will repair it.
U-Liam wa-bo-shwa. Wa-ye-kha-nda i-zi-ncwa-di.
Liam was arrested.  He fixed books (fraud).
U-Pamela u-zo-ngi kha-nde-la i-kha-be-the.
Pamela will repair the cupboard for me.
I-Maintenance i-kha-nda i-zi-nto.
The Maintenance Department repairs things.
U-Themba u-ma-kha-nda.
Themba repairs everything.
By: Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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