Praying in Zulu

Pray is tha-nda-za in Zulu.

All religions are on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other online forums so you don’t have to put on your best clothes and go to church, synagogue, temple or mosque to pray. Praying is also a business, especially on television. 
When you visit South Africa, you’ll see a group of people in white robes praying at the edge of the sea.  They are called ama-Zayoni (the Zionists).  Members of Kwa-Shembe also worship out in the open wearing traditional clothes worn by ama-Zulu a long time ago. 

Going to the temple is a staple scene in Hindi movies.  Jaya Bhaduri’s character in Sholay, an Indian classic movie escaped death because she was at the temple when the bad guys massacred the whole family.
Let’s bow our heads in prayer still happens in ordinary homes, especially when someone dies.  Neighbours or local priests come to pray with grieving families.
Tha-nda-za.  You say the first part like tally, the second like Linda and the last one like Zagreb.

A girl’s name meaning pray.  We don’t know what the family was praying for when she was born. They were definitely praying for a daughter, if they have four sons.
A girl’s name which means someone or, many people prayed.
A girl’s name meaning prayers.
A prayer.
U-ngi-tha-nda-ze-le.  Ngi-ya kwi-operation.
Pray for me.  I’m going for surgery/operation.
Ba-yo-tha-nda-ze-la u-ku-thu-la.
They went to pray for peace.
Si-tha-nda-ze-la u-ku-thu-la.
We are praying for peace.
We are going to pray.
Ba-tha-nda-za ngo-lwesi-hla-nu.
They pray on Friday.
Ba-yo-tha-nda-za e-Mecca.
They’ve gone to Mecca to pray.
U-Thembi u-zo-tha-nda-za ngo-Good Friday.
Thembi will pray on Good Friday.
I-mi-tha-nda-zo ye-Eid.
Eid prayers.
I-mi-tha-nda-zo ye-Sabbath.
Sabbath prayers.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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