Feeling Sleepy in Zulu

Sleepy is ze-la in Zulu.

It’s funny watching people who don’t pay tax (babies) rubbing their eyes.  Ah!!! feeling sleepy, are we? 
What college professors dread the most is dozing off in class. They take it personally because they don’t have inside information about last night.
Cut the conversation short when people yawn.  They are feeling sleepy because you are boring them.  Ouch!

I understand some countries take a siesta after lunch.  I must use the next available seat sale on Air Zero and visit them.
Ze-la.  You say the first part like Zelda, the second like lark.

U-na-na u-yo-ze-la.
The baby is drowsy/wants to sleep.
I’m drowsy.
Wa-za-mu-la. U-yo-ze-la?
You are yawning.  Are you drowsy?
Yebo.  Ngi-yo-zela.
Yes.  I’m drowsy.
Ha-mba u-yo-la-la.  U-ya-ze-la.
Go and sleep.  You are drowsy.
U-Lancelot nja-lo u-ya-ze-la e-kla-si-ni.
Lancelot always feels drowsy in class.
I-ngo-ba u-Professor No-Name u-ya-ze-li-sa.
It’s because Professor No-Name makes you feel drowsy.
U-Diarra no-Kim ba-yo-ze-la.
Diarra and Kim are feeling drowsy.
U-Sindi no-Anele ba-yo-ze-la ba-kha-the-le.
Sindi and Anele are feeling drowsy.  They are tired.
Ngi-dle ka-khu-lu.  Ngi-ya-ze-la.
I ate too much.  I’m feeling drowsy.
I-wa-yi-ni li-ya-ngi-ze-li-sa
Wine makes me drowsy.
U-beer u-ya-ngi-ze-li-sa.
Beer makes me drowsy.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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