Cannabis Weed in Zulu

Honey don’t forget the weed!

Cannabis, marijuana, pot or whatever you call it is legal in Canada which means you can pick up the groceries, loaves of bread from the bakery and small parcels of weed located, in the same strip mall.
Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister campaigned on making weed legal.  He won and it is now an over the counter purchase.  What is not recorded is the number of U.S and overseas visitors to Canada who had a good time in hotels, being happy, before the legalisation.

However, cannabis law in Canadian provinces differs, but the underlying intent is to keep it private.  Don’t smoke or vape it in public.  Do it behind closed doors.
Weed is known as i-gu-du in southern Africa.  This is a reference to the pipe that is used to smoke this piece of grass.  Weed might be associated with young people fooling around in Canada and the U.S. but it was an old folks’ thing in Africa: old women, old men, traditional doctors and getting ready for war at the king’s palace, included smoking grass to fortify the men.
I-gu-du.  You pronounce the first part as email, the second as good and the last as do it.
I-nsa-ngu is the actual weed inside the pipe, but we will not concentrate on it because you can’t pronounce it.

I-nsa-ngu.  You say the first part like inside, the second like insane and the last one like going, with a -u-.

Li-tho-la-ka-la-phi i-gu-du?
Where can we find the pipe/weed?
I-tho-la-ka-la-phi i-nsa-ngu?
Where can we find the pipe/weed?
U-dla i-gu-du.
He smokes.
U-bu-la-wa i-gu-du.
Smoking weed kills him.
U-ba-ba u-bhe-ma i-gu-du.
Father is on the pipe/smokes weed.
U-ba-ba-mkhu-lu u-bhe-ma -igu-du.
Grandfather is on the pipe.
Ba-bhe-ma i-nsa-ngu.
They smoke weed.
I-za-ngo-ma zi-bhe-ma i-gu-du.
Soothsayers smoke weed.
U-Tom u-bhe-ma igudu.
Tom smokes weed.
U-Zoe u-bhe-ma i-gu-du.
Zoe smokes weed.
U-Zabiri no Samu ba-bhe-ma i-gu-du.
Zabiri and Samu smoke weed.
U-Nancy no Cindy ba-bhe-ma i-gu-du.
Nancy and Cindy smoke weed.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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