Stopping Fights in Zulu

Bring peace or separating people fighting is la-mu-la in Zulu. 

President Trump, a Republican, wants to build a Berlin Wall look-alike.  Democrats in the House of Representatives don’t want to give him money for cement, electronic surveillance and guns to patrol it, so the United States, touted as the greatest democracy on earth is limping, because of the shutdown.  The fight goes on in 2019.  Who will be the peacemaker?  U-ba-ni o-zo-la-mu-la?
Mind your own business is the opposite of being a peacemaker.  People are scared the fist might land in the eye.  A little question.  Do boxing referees have insurance, just in case professional boxers hit them by mistake or intentionally?
La-mu-la.  The first part is like lass, the second like moot and the last one like lass.

A boy’s name which means peacemaker.  Families fight all the time.  Maybe the family is hoping that the child will bring peace.
I-U.N. u-mla-muli.
The United Nations is a peacemaker.
U-Kofi Annan wa-ye ngu-mla-mu-li.
Kofi Annan was a peacemaker.
Peace makers.
La-mu-la.  U-mama no-baba ba-ya-lwa.
Stop them. Mother and father and fighting.
La-mu-la.  A-ba-dla-li be-hockey ba-ya-lwa.
Stop them.  Hockey players are fighting.
La-mu-la.  A-ba-dla-li be basketball ba-ya-lwa.
Stop them.  Basketball players are fighting.
La-mu-la-ni. Ba-zo-bu-la-la-na.
Separate them.  They’ll kill each other.
A-ke-kho o-la-mu-la-yo.
Nobody is stopping the fight.
U-ba-ni o-zo-la-mu-la into yase-Merika?
Who will bring peace to the American conflict?
U-Samir u-ya-tha-nda u-ku-la-mu-la.
Samir likes stopping fights.
U-Washington wa-ye-la-mu-la.  Ba-mdu-bu-la.
Washington was trying to stop the fighting.  They shot him.
By: Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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