Fault in Zulu

Fault is i-phu-tha in Zulu.

Fault is an orphan because nobody wants it.  The general chorus is: it’s not my fault.
America has a skeleton government because of a wall reminiscent of the Berlin Wall in Germany that was demolished in 1989.  Whose fault is it?  President Trump’s, Democrats in the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate?

Drive-by shootings killing innocent people.  Whose fault is it?  Accident involving four cars.  Whose fault is it?  Girls sold to religious slavery, whose fault is it?  Boys break a window playing soccer.  Whose fault is it? 
I-phu-tha.  You say the first part as email, the second as in put and the last one as touch.

I-phu-tha li-ka ba-ni?
Whose fault is it?
I-phu-tha li-ka Mary.
It’s Mary’s fault.
I-phu-tha li-ka Prince Charles.
It’s Prince Charles’ fault.
I-phu-tha la-mi.
It is my fault.
I-phu-tha le-thu.
It is our fault.
A-ku-lo-na i-phu-tha la-mi.
It’s not my fault.
I-phu-tha li-ka bani?
Whose fault is it?
I-phu-tha li-ka Justin Trudeau.
It is Justin Trudeau’s fault.
I-phu-tha le-apartheid.
It is apartheid’s fault.
I-phu-tha li-ka bani?
Whose fault is it?
I-phu-tha lo-ku-zo-nda a-ma-Krestu.
It is the fault of hating Christians.
I-phu-tha lo-ku-zo-nda a-ma-Muslims.
It is the fault of hating Muslims.
I-bho-dwe li-shi-le.  I-phu-tha li-ka-bani?
The food burnt whose fault is it?
I-phu-tha le-cell phone.
It is the cellphone’s fault.
It is her fault.
It is his fault.
You (many people) are at fault.
Abazali nabo basephutheni.
Parents are also at fault.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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