Angry in Zulu

Mad/anger is thu-ku-the-le in Zulu.

There’s a lot of anger in sports, despite fines.  A date is soured already when the other party is late, because of the old excuse, traffic.  Kids get mad after sitting a long time in the stroller. 
Renting an apartment is a hit or miss situation.  People come to work mad as hell.  Many reasons.  They didn’t sleep because neighbours were making noise drinking, fighting or neighbours’ dogs barking the whole night.

Cellphones make lovers mad all the time because you give your online lover more time than the in-house one.  All is well I suppose, until you take a plane to see a stranger who might not look like his or her profile pic. Scary stuff.
Thu-ku-the-le.  You say the first part like tool, the second like kudos the third like Tess, and the last one like leg.  The noun is u-ku-thu-ku-the-la. There is another noun, but it is difficult for non-Zulu speakers: intukuthelo.

A mighty river in the land of ama-Zulu, historic battles fought on its banks against the Queen of England’s land-grabbing armies.
U-ma-ma u-thu-ku-the-le.
Mother is angry.
U-ba-ba u-thu-ku-the-le.
Father is angry.
Lindsay, yi-ni nda-ba?  U-thu-ku-the-le.
Lindsay what’s wrong?  You are angry.
Jiga, yi-ni nda-ba?  U-thu-ku-the-le.
Jiga what’s wrong?  You are angry.
A-ku-si-zi nga-lu-tho u-ku-thu-ku-the-la.
Getting angry is pointless.
U-ba-si u-thu-ku-the-le.
The boss is angry.
Oga (Nigerian for boss) is angry.
Ba-thu-ku-the-le a-ba-ho-la-nga.
They are angry.  They were not paid.
Ba-thu-ku-the-le. A-ba-la-la-nga.
They are mad.  They didn’t sleep.
Ngi-thu-ku-the-le nge-ma-li ya-mi.
I’m angry about my money.
Ngi-thu-ku-the-le nge-blog ya-mi.
I’m angry about my blog (somebody plagiarised it).
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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