online free for all

The internet is a market place. 

Pushing products is the core business, but it is camouflaged by the noble idea of humans from different countries, faiths and races sharing audio-visual and written information.  That is why it is misleadingly called social media, instead of economic media or hawkers’ and thieves’ paradise.

Thieves, because hackers are holed up in hotels across the globe as we speak, trying to figure out how to steal money from your bank account.  Also, don’t post blogs or photos if you don’t want them to be plagiarized or photo-shopped.  That’s the way it is.  Having said that, the internet has some good points.
It levels the playing field because anybody who has a phone, can write a few paragraphs or tweet a nuclear war.  You don’t have to be Oprah or Trevor Noah to have your own show.  YouTube doors are open 24/7 and you don’t need a set of lights, makeup artists and a studio camera because your phone is a stand-alone recording studio.

That would be too ambitious for me, but I’ve always wanted to be a photographer.  The internet, and good phone cameras made that possible.  I love recipe books and always wanted to work as a food photographer.

Trying to take a pic of anything white like coconut or basmati rice is still a challenge, but my old HTC phones took decent pics.  I cook to relieve writing stress and enjoy the food photo shoots afterwards.

All this is made possible by the internet.  I don’t have to be a beauty queen, have a famous father, belong to British aristocracy or American middle class circles to have a platform where I write, cook, shoot some digital film and publish food photos. 

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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