Japan and Volcanoes Road Safety

Kids’ safety.  Look left and right before you cross the street.  The script hasn’t changed. That is their first lesson about whizzing cars, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, stop and other signs that control road safety.
Japan. What are the safety lessons about living near a volcano?  There is no looking right or left when it erupts.  Some people lose their lives.  Survivors start all over again buying new cars, tables and chairs, sleeping things, rebuilding houses and cleaning up, because everything is covered with ash.
Life goes on until the volcano coughs again.  Japan is one of the countries with many active volcanoes and had three in March 2018 if my research is correct. 
Communities around volcanoes are hostages of nature.  The volcano might spit the hot liquid and smoke again.  They are powerless.  They cannot stop its destructive agenda. 

People in other parts of the world have a selfie thing going on, the freedom to trigger their own destruction through child and wife abuse, drugs, alcohol, texting and driving, texting while riding bicycles, obesity and facial mutilation.
They don’t understand why Japanese families around Mount Fuji stay despite the lack of road or volcano safety measures.   Roots.  There are roots around the volcano that are missing in a zip or postal code.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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