Chickens and The Sun

A classless society is a mirage.  It is as impossible as a meeting between the sun and chickens. Let me clarify.

People called amaZulu have a saying:  ilanga lingawa licoshwe izinkukhu.  The nearest translation is: the sun can fall on the ground and be picked up by chickens.  It means something will never happen. 
The way we walk is one example of why a classless society is highly unlikely.  Two legs are involved but they walk for different reasons.  We have two walkers, which we will call tenants (the poor) and landlords (the rich).

Tenants walk to work.  Landlords take a walk.  It is two different things.  Tenants walk because it is the only way to put food on the table, by walking to the farm, bus stop or train station.  For landlords, talking a walk is an option.  Maybe they don’t feel like driving one of the cars in the garage. 
They take walks to take a break from their computers, where they monitor the stock exchange and buy shares in oil, diamond, platinum, copper and other substances that involve digging the land and drilling the seabed.  They take walks along the beach or around lakes, where they have their summer cottages.

Tenants walk to the grocery store.  They pull grocery bags up and down the stairs or into busses or trains.  Sometimes they walk from one building to the other dropping resumes although most employers post jobs online.  Landlords do not walk around with brown envelopes under their arms.  They take walks with head hunters who tell them that a certain bank or software developer wants to hire them.
Therefore, walking is political, taking a walk is recreational.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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