Should I Go To College?

Foreign students convince their parents that a French, German, Canadian or American graduate or post-graduate certificate is a good investment, but what can universities teach them that is not found online?  Many things.  The internet cannot teach them how:

·         to do a heart transplant or caesarian section on pregnant women

·         to become effective criminal or human rights lawyers

·         to build electric cars and busses

·         produce antibiotics to arrest various illnesses

Parents eagerly buy into the idea of a foreign university education for a variety of reasons:

·         They like the idea that classes won’t be interrupted because the youth wing of a political party is forcing communism, which ironically is called ‘democratic’ ideas on the whole student body, as it happens in some African countries.

·         Classes won’t be interrupted because the student union has called a strike for better food.

·         They like the idea that their children won’t become college prostitutes in order to have cars, live in expensive apartments, have designer bags and shoes only afforded by women who work full-time ’or join murderous student cults.

There are certain disciplines that still need university education, but internet activity, through page views can land you a lucrative job.  Cole Haan, an upscale designer of shoes and handbags roped in Tavi Gevinson, an avid fashion blogger as one of its ambassadors because of her traffic. 
Business nowadays look at the stats.  How many people follow your blog?  Television stations sometimes call bloggers to comment on issues.  Bloggers are offered book deals or television shows.

College education however, is still necessary because it fosters independent thinking, tough work schedules and a social life that students will find useful when they start their own businesses or find employment.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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