Winter Driving And Wired Pedestrians

Our sympathy goes to drivers in Canada this vicious 2018 winter. 

It is also extended to France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania or just massive Europe in general, something drivers in Manaus Brazil or Dubai UAE will not understand because temperatures there do not have the prefix, minus.
There are icy roads that look like an Olympic skating rink to contend with, in Europe and North America.  Blowing snow makes it difficult to see the road, despite wiper blades with their YES or NO choreography.  Winter tyres help but no guarantee that the car will stop before the white line, because the road is like glass. 

Photo:  Nonqaba waka Msimang
The big problem for winter drivers however, are moving images called pedestrians.  They shuffle along at pedestrian crossings or pop up from nowhere from jay walking. These images are neither man nor woman because they have the same winter uniform: black jeans, black fur-lined winter jackets, bulging backpacks, scarves around faces and heavy boots. 

Canadian drivers are used to that but there is a new winter driving hazard: moving images with things dangling from their ears.  They now need guessing skills.  Will the pedestrian on the cellphone cross the road when cars have a right of way?  Will he hear irritated drivers blowing the horn?
Driving instructors always insist on road conditions.  How we drive is determined by road conditions, which could be sleet and snow.  The new driving code should be road conditions with pedestrians on the phone.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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