Credit Card Jeans

Leave the credit card at home.  Sounds great for a new year resolution, but I don’t make them anymore since I don’t implement them.

Credit cards are for buying lifestyle items.  Let me break it down for you.  Those are items you don’t need but like, such as the pair of jeans I uncovered in the closet this snowy day.  When and where did I buy them?  I tried them on and the zip encountered a construction barrier, which means I bought them before the ‘happy holidays.’  I suppose they should change Christmas to happy eating holidays.
The weight gain does not upset me.  I’m angry for having bought something I don't need because of that tenant in my wallet.  Why do I carry that credit card around?  For temptation?  But that’s a cop out.  It’s easy to blame a piece of plastic that cannot defend itself.
I should take the blame, 100%.  I can’t budget.  If I did, I would leave the plastic at home and take it along when I need to buy some big-ticket item, not a pair of unwanted jeans.  Better still, I should pinch myself every time I settle the credit card debt: “I could have put that in savings.

Cash or credit?
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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