Ten Year-Old Chefs Lesson 2

If little boys are old enough to have favourite dishes, then they are old enough to cook them.
Little C:  Mama, I feel like roast chicken tonight.

Mama:  Good.  Go over that meat section and pick-up a 6-pack of chicken thighs.
Little C:  Yes mama.

Mama:  Let me pre-heat the oven first.  Did you wash your hands?

Little C:  Yes mama.  You told me to do that before handling food.
Mama:  Just checking baby, just checking.  This is tin foil.  See here.  It has this sharp line you use to tear it.  I’ll do it today.  You will do it next time.
Little C:  Yes mama.

Mama:  Go to the pot drawer and take out the roasting pan I use a lot.  The round one.
Little C:  This one mama?

Mama:  Yes baby.  Put the tin foil on the roasting pan.
Little C:  Yes mama.

Mama:  Give me that teaspoon.  We’ll use half a teaspoon of this herb spice.  Sprinkle it on the foil.
Little C:  Yes mama.

Mama:  Place the chicken legs on the spice.  Turn them around so that you spice both sides.
Garnish with steamed carrots. Teach Little C about garnish.
Photo:  Nonqaba waka Msimang
Little C:  Yes mama.
Mama:  Now fold the foil like an envelope.  We don’t want any juice escaping.

Little C:  We forgot the olive oil mama.
Mama:  No, we didn’t.  Chicken has its own natural oil.  In fact, all meats have their natural oil.  Remember that.  You don’t have to use oil all the time.

Little C:  Yes mama.
Mama:  Put the roasting pan with the foil parcel in the oven. 
Little C:  For how long mama?

Mama:  Let me see.  20 minutes. 
Little C:  What will we have it with?

Mama:  Your dad is bringing fried rice from the Golden Dragon down the street.
Little C:  Chinese rice tonight! That’s great. 
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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