Ten Reasons Why I Write

1.       I write because I don’t know the total number of rays in the sun.

2.       I write because some toddlers look at me and smile.

3.       I write because I’m grateful I woke up today.

4.       I write because I feel blessed when I see blind people.

5.       I write because I have embraced  mama's habits I didn't like.

6.       I write because my heart bleeds when I see a drunk woman beaten black and blue.

7.       I write because they shot a tiger that wandered into the village for food.

8.       I write because of kids that forage in garbage dumps for things to sell.

9.       I write because of rich women who feel poor but stay in painful marriages for German cars and invitation to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.

10.   I write because an ex-soldier in the U.S. massacred people in a church.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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