Vintage Automobiles vs. Old cars

Vintage automobiles are not about age or model.  They are about ownership.  Rich owners are every new car’s dream.

“I wish to have an owner who will love me even in my old age, and make me vintage, not leave me under the tree to be chickens’ playground.”

Photo:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.
Vintage car owners usually have the latest cars in the garage but keep the older ones for sentimental reasons. Old?  Wrong word.  Vintage cars never get old because owners pamper them.  They keep them somewhere nice and warm until the summer, then they re-polish and drive them to auto shows for photo shoots.
The difference between vintage and old cars is how people react to them.  They admire vintage cars and walk around them touching steering wheels as big as cartwheels and laughing at speedometers (80 miles per hour).

People frown at old cars because some of them are missing an arm or a leg (wheels or doors).  Forget about the upholstery.  It is all cracked up like a smashed windscreen.  Oh! It might be broken itself.  Old cars have one thing in common, rust, especially in ocean countries like Brazil, Ireland or South Africa.

Old cars ignite thoughts about the environment, scrapyards, the oil crisis, everything negative.  If the same cars had rich owners, they would be well-manicured and groomed and they would be sitting pretty in a vintage auto show somewhere in British Columbia, where on-lookers sigh.
Isn’t that a beauty?

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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