Two Home Bathrooms

German and Italian luxury automobiles in the driveway should not be a measure of wealth.  Bathrooms should.  A family’s peace does not depend on stick shift cars.  It depends on the number of bathrooms.

The one and only is O.K. in movies about love and living happily ever after, not at home.  The one and only bathroom has a multiplier effect: discord at the breakfast table, verbal ping pong in the car, sulking as wide as world wide web (www) and losing concentration at work or the classroom.
The one and only bathroom is an enemy of family peace because it does not have a timer like the microwave oven or the stove.  Even if it had, time allocation will be a problem, because some family members need more time to fix themselves than others.  But is that fair?

The timer must also factor in the cell phone.  There are certain texts or videos that cannot wait and the best place to send or view them is in the bathroom, away from the loving family.
Then there’s nature, which cannot be controlled.  This leads to the contentious question.

Who used the bathroom?
Rich people seem so tranquil because they have his and hers, plus a guest bathroom.  That is the ideal, not reality.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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