The End of Credit Cards

Credits cards and colour.  They are status symbols and not means of payment because they are old technology, dinosaurs actually.  All your accounts are linked electronically, including credit cards, so you don’t need the plastic. 

The ATM at the mall, phone or computer asks you about the account.  From which account do you want to make the payment savings or chequing?  Even table card readers, waiters bring to the table also have the credit card option, if you are paying by credit card.  You just press credit.

All that could be in one card, let’s say your debit card.  You don’t need credit cards whatever colour: gold, black, platinum or cobalt blue.  Electronic banking made cheques redundant.  It also made credit cards dinosaurs.
But colour matters O.K.  There are lovers to impress, business associates to impress, ex-wives to impress, waiters to impress, even political enemies you take out to dinner.  You can’t produce a Mickey Mouse credit card.  Membership has its privileges, a marketing strategy from one of the credit card peddlers.

Points and Air Miles perpetuate the fallacy that we need them.  The more you spend the more points to accumulate.  We have become robots.  We can’t think anymore.  We don’t buy things because we need them.  Somebody tells us to shop for points.

I’ll just keep using my pink credit card until credit cards go out of business cards and everything is in one card.  It’s electronic banking, isn’t it?
Hold it.  Are there pink credit cards?

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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