Team Leaders vs. Bosses

The team leader is the boss, and there is no re-engineering, renovation, re-naming, re-mixing or gender sensitive way of putting it.

Late for work?  The boss doesn’t like it.  Bosses don’t call team meetings to discuss such personal issues.  Sorry! Team leaders. 

The team leader also knows everything about you, especially your capacity to quilt stories.
For example, your grandparents (both maternal and paternal) have died more than twice, because you have used them as an excuse for unofficial leave many times.

Team leaders are called by their first names: Hi! Jill.  Hi! Jack.  The buck stops right there.  You don’t like your co-workers.  That is understandable, because they are not family.  We are all there to work and get paid and not to be liked, although we are a team.
Not with the team leader.  The operative word is like.  You must like him or her.  Think of social media and click the LIKE icon.  Why? Let’s say you get lucky and find another job.  Who will provide references, the whole team or the team leader?

Go figure.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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