Go Back Home in Zulu

Lonely Canada.  If the entity called Canada could talk, it will reveal its sadness when people decide to go back after civil wars in their countries have stopped or when they have saved enough Canadian dollars to build mansions where they were born.

Going back home is goduka in Zulu.  It is not only going back, but going back to a space called home.  It can also mean going back to a political party you left because you thought the grass would be greener on the other side of the political spectrum.

Grandchildren don’t want to go back home because grandparents spoil them silly.  They eat food that is not gluten free and there is no curfew at grandma’s house.
Go-du-ka.  The first part is pronounced as in GO Train, the second part as in do something and the last part as in kamala, an Indian word.

I’m going back home.
They are going back home.
Ni-zo-goduka nini?
When will you go back?
Si-zo-goduka ku-sasa.
We’ll go back tomorrow.
U-phi u-Pedros?
Where is Pedros?
He went back home.
U-phi u-Annastasia?
Where is Anastasia?
She went back home.
Goduka-ni, ilanga li-shonile.
Go back home, it is getting dark.
Goduka-ni, kwasho u-Donald Trump.
Go back home, said Donald Trump.
Aba-sebenzi e-zi-mayini ba-ya-goduka.
Mine workers are going back home.
Ba-godusa isi-dumbu se-sosha la-se-Merika.
They sent back home the corpse of the American soldier.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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