Ads The Internet's Demise

Online advertising overlooks one fact, irritated potential buyers do not buy products that pop up every minute during YouTube movies.  They also close pages with three video ads and three AdWords.

Radio station managers tell DJ’s to announce upcoming 20 or 30 commercial-free blocks because they understand that people tune in for the music.  Listeners tolerate that, because of the promise to enjoy it without furniture and hamburger ads butting in.
Platforms that sell online advertising convince clients that bombarding viewers every minute will increase visibility, and lead them to pick up their product next time they visit the drugstore or car showroom.

It also has a negative effect because it kills goodwill required in the marketplace.  Viewers remember irritating ads when they go shopping.  They can settle scores by spending money on another product that does not interrupt their online movies every minute. 

Radio identified the loss of goodwill, and came up with the solution of commercial free segments.  Online viewers do not have a choice.  The internet will die one day like everything else.  One of the incurable diseases will come from within, online advertising.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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