Silicon Valley Dress Code

Silicon Valley job interviews need more than a degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or Bangalore Institute of Technology in India.  The correct dress code is also part of the equation.

No tie.  That is the techie dress code and, no matching jacket and pants known as the suit.  You did your research before the interview so you know that Steve Jobs was famous for both Apple stuff and being tie-free.  Now it is the norm.  Technology-inclined guys just don’t do ties, especially when they launch smart or dumb phones or the ‘thinnest’ computer.

What’s up with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the gray T. Shirt?  Google’s Sundar Pichai is also tie-less most of the time, so is Apple’s Tim Cook.

The tie is an obstacle, a stop sign, a road with a train crossing, a bus that is late or faulty traffic lights.  It restricts the Adam’s Apple from the brain, a brain that is needed to create fast and traffic free information to the marketplace called online.

It makes the wearer sweat and constantly mop his brow.  It is an enemy of progress, technology progress that is.

Please note:  We didn’t mention Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s ex-CEO because she doesn't wear a tie, period.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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