Requirement in Zulu

Something is required is funeka in Zulu. 

Yoruba movies like the storyline where someone is required to appear before the king.  We are required to have a driver’s licence before we drive a car.  Married women in certain cultures are required to produce heirs (sons) as soon as possible, otherwise their husbands will take second wives. 

We are required to put on clothes before we leave the house, otherwise we will be hauled off to a mental home for walking about in our birthday suits.  There is an urgency when something is required or should be done. 
Fu-ne-ka.  The first part is pronounced as in fool, the second part as in necking the last part as in kamala, a Hindi word.

A girl’s name which means it is required.  It all depends on the family circumstances when the child was born.  Something was required.
Ku-funeka si-geze.
We should bathe.
Sergio, ku-funeka u-hambe.
Sergio, you must leave.
Philippe, ku-funeka u-lale manje. 
Philippe, you must sleep now.
U-Candice u-ya-funeka e-ofisini.
Candice is required at the office.
Ku-funeka si-thole i-school fees.
We must try and get school fees.
Ku-funeka malini e-skoleni?
How much is required at school?
A-ya-funeka ama-volontiye.
Volunteers are required.
Ku-funeka a-ba-shayeli.
Drivers are required.
Ku-funeka a-ba-culi.
Singers are required.
Ku-funeka-ni ekhaya?
What is required or needed at home?

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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