Months in Zulu

A month is called inyanga in Zulu.  People who speak isiZulu are also aware that inyanga means other things.

The moon.
A month.
A traditional healer.

I-nya-nga.  The first part is pronounced as in e-books, the second part as in nyama (meat), the third part of the word as in Boeing.
I’ve never captured the full moon because I’m a Mickey Mouse photographer.  I just don’t have the right camera hardware to shoot the moon.  One of nature’s most fascinating things is watching the moon dip in the sea. 

A traditional healer is also called inyanga.  Some people believe in them.  Others are wary of them.  Some are genuine.  Others are con artists.

Inyanga i-khanya e-busuku.
The moon shines at night.
Ilanga li-khanya e-mini.
The sun shines during the day.
Ngi-hola nge-nyanga.
I get paid monthly.
Si-bo-nana nge-nyanga.
We see each other every month.
Ba-bo-nana nge-nyanga.
They see each other every month.
Wa-za-lwa nini?
When were you born?
Nga-za-lwa nge-nyanga ka-May.
I was born in the month of May.
U-Demitrius wa-zalwa nge-nyanga ka-October.
Demitrius was born in the month of October.
U-Romina wa-zalwa nge-nyanga ka-April.
Romina was born in the month of April.
U-December i-nyanga ka-Khisimusi.
December is the Christmas month.
E-ku-phele-ni kwe-nyanga.
At the end of the month.
U-February i-nyanga yo-thando.
February is the month for love (Valentine’s Day).

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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