Misunderstood Feet

Feet are lobbying for an international FEET DAY, where they will be pampered and put on display for the whole world to see, but they are at a disadvantage.

They suffer from an out of sight, out of mind syndrome.  Nobody sees them except during the summer, all decked out in neon colors, after beauty treatments called pedicures.

In your face things like hair and face get all the fun.  People get their hair done at least once a week and endure excruciating pain fixing eyelids and eyebrows.  Not poor feet.  They are subjected to torture chambers like stiletto heels and running shoes that have not been washed since they left a factory in China.
Feet are requesting a little, tiny, choti (small in Hindi) favour, while they work on the logistics of an international FEET DAY.  What is it?  They want some air.  They want to breathe, throw away the shackles.

Translate that to walking barefoot at home or at the family barbeque.  Slow down, you cannot walk without shoes in the office because a dress code is in effect.  In fact, it is everywhere, including the mall.  Shoppers are warned to put on their shirts and shoes before they enter the mall.   
Feet understand hostile forces like the snow, but how about the summer?  They should be allowed to enjoy the green grass outside, the feel of your carpet, hardwood floors or tiles, the soil in the garden and sand on the beach.

That’s a pedicure right there.  Fresh air.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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