Goodness in Zulu

Good is lunga in Zulu.  It is also in greetings.

Question:  Ku-njani? (How are you?)
Answer:  Ku-lungi-le. (I’m well. I’m good. Everything is fine).

Lunga is used for good health, good family relations, financial status, new school or job and good flights.  It is also used in anger or warning: I will fix you.  A child that plays with fire gets burnt.  Elders tell her: The pain is good for you, it fixes you. 

Lu-nga also means O.K. or prepare something so that it looks good.  The first part is pronounced as in the girl’s name Lulu, the second part as in The Langham Hotel.

A boy’s name which means good.  Parents want the new-born child to be good in future, or maybe something good happened in the family when he was born.  There is a myriad of reasons why so many boys are called Lunga.
A girl’s name which means all is good or all is well.
A girl’s name which means they are all good or O.K.
Another girl’s name which means goodness.
Lunga phela.
Get ready.
U-zo-lunga nini?
When will you be ready?
Ngi-zo-lunga ngo 8 ebusuku.
I’ll be ready at 8 p.m.
Lungi-sa utshani.
Mow the lawn.
Ba-lungi-selela i-sikole.
They are preparing for school
Ba-lungi-selela u-makoti.
They are getting ready for the bride.
Ba-lungi-selela i-zi-khukhu-la.
They are getting ready for floods.
Lungi-sa imali yami.
Please prepare my money.
Ngi-zoku-lungisa nge-mali yami.
I will fix you for not returning my money.
U-ya-lunga.  U-thanda uku-lala.
That fixes you.  You like sleeping.
U-ya-lunga.  A-wu-yi-beki imali.
That fixes you.  You don’t save money.
Tommy, lungi-sa i-kame-lo lakho.
Tommy, clean your room.
Zandi, lungi-sa i-moto yakho.
Zandi, fix your car.
Maria, lungi-sa izi-nwele.
Maria, fix your hair.
Ku-lungi-le.  Ngi-zo-fika.
It’s O.K.  I will come.
Ku-zo-lunga.  Uzo-sebenza futhi.
All will be well. You’ll work again.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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