Ant-Racism Education and Daycare

Anti-racism workshops should include visits to daycare centres to watch the little flowers creating images with crayons, building something with little blocks, skipping rope, singing out of tune, and sleeping after all that hard work.

Canadian daycare centres are gardens because the flowers are from different races and religions.  The country puts a high premium on them because they are the future, literally. 

There is no economy without kids because capitalism is a beast that needs to be nurtured with new consumers.  Many parts of the cycle become stagnant when people get older because they buy less goods. 
Bringing up kids involves a lot of buying: strollers, snow suits, sneakers, hockey sticks and finally, Linda’s first car.  Linda, as a teenager will also oil capitalism through her buying.

Unfortunately, daycare centre gardens lose their leaves and colour as kids swallow what is said at the breakfast table about ‘these people’.  They are called ugly names which end up in e-mails at work.

Therefore, the home should be an on-going workshop about the Canadian, South African, European or American garden.  We need it for survival because we cannot afford another Hiroshima.   Men died in world wars because of racism and some foreign policy is still based on racism.
Do we prefer gardens or bombed-out cities?

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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