Send Someone in Zulu

Send on an errand is thuma in Zulu.

The joy of having kids in Africa is sending them on errands.  This is part of upbringing to teach them about how things are done in their culture, how to cook; how to greet elders; who their relatives are; what plants cure stomach ache or snake bite; the moods of the river; the habits of the sun and the moon; helping them with homework and budgeting.
Thuma.  The boss might send you to a conference.   The first part is pronounced as it tool, the second part as in manage.

Thuma ingane.
Send a child.
Thuma u-Robert.
Send Robert.
Thuma u-Anastasia.
Send Anastasia.
Ngi-zo-thuma bani?
Who will I send?
Ngi-zo-thuma izi-ngane zami.
I will send my kids.
Ngi-zo-thumela u-Pierre no-Fleur.
I will send Pierre and Fleur.
Ba-thume-la ama-sotsha.
They send soldiers.
Ba-thume-la ama-sela.
They send thieves.
Thuma mina Jesu.
Jesus, send me.
Where are you going?
U-mama -ungi-thumile.
Mama has sent me on an errand.
Where are you going?
U-thisha u-ngi-thumile.
The teacher has sent me on an errand.
I’m on an errand.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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