Hurry Up in Zulu

Hurry up.  Shesha in Zulu.  We are always in a hurry.  Why?  To chase money, I suppose.  Anyway, kids must hurry up because the school bus leaves on time.  Parents have trains to catch or need extra time to accommodate driving during the summer, because construction is in every corner.

She-sha.  The first part is pronounced as in shed, the second part as is shallow or shaadi (Hindi?).

U-hamba ka-ncane Maeve.
You walk slowly Maeve.
Shesha Maeve.
Hurry up Maeve.
Shesha Dimitri.
Hurry up Dimitri.
Shesha, nge-mali yami.
Hurry up with my money.
Shesha, nge-moto yami.
Hurry up with my car.
She-shisa, u-mama u-lindile.
Hurry up, mama is waiting.
She-shisa, ingane iyakhala.
Hurry up, the child is crying.
I will hurry up.
They will hurry up.
Ni-sheshe Shane no Colleen.
Please hurry up Shane and Colleen.
Ma-si-sheshi-se sipheke.
Let’s hurry up and cook.
Ave e-shesha.
He is very fast (walks fast or gets things done on quickly).

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.”


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