Following The Boss Online

The boss wants you to follow him on Twitter, FB, Instagram and wherever he flies on the internet.  He won’t send an email but he will drop hints.

“You didn’t see the tomatoes from my garden?  They are on FB.”

"Our trip to Niagara Falls was great.  It’s on Instagram.”
Then you realise that work is not about producing products like cheese, dresses, cars, serving customers well or providing a government service.  It is about power.  He wants to extend the statutory 9-5 power to 24/7.  Should you add him as a follower?  He might make life miserable for you, if you don’t.

Your co-workers also compound matters because they follow the boss and are always gushing about his posts before the staff meeting.  What is funny is that the boss never comments about their posts.  He doesn’t check them.  Why should he?  He is the boss.
It’s a good thing he is only interested in beating his own drum, online drum that is, because if you follow him and he monitors your activity, he will realise that you don’t like him.  He will also know what you do after 5 p.m. and that is a No! No!  That is why your profile pic is out of focus, worse still, an egghead.

Very few bosses will be upfront and ask you to follow them.  The answer is very simple, if they do.
“I don’t mix business with pleasure.”

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.”


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