Flying in Zulu

To fly in Zulu is ndiza.  There’s a lot of traffic at the Pearson International Airport and other airports designated international because kids are flying to see grandma and cousins or my followers are flying to do something legal and not so legal. 
Birds are amused because they don’t understand why someone should buy a first class or economy ticket just to fly.  Usain Bolt doesn’t run, he flies.
Ndi-za.  The first part is pronounced like and, ndi-za.  The second part as Zambesi River.  Or is it Zambezi?
U-zohamba kanjani?
How will you travel?
I will fly.
Ngi-zo-ndiza ngiye e Galeão International Airport.
I will fly to Galeão International Airport.
Ba-zo-ndiza baye e-Otopeni Airport.
They will fly to Otopeni Airport.
Umalume u-zo-ndiza aye e-LAX.
Uncle will fly to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
Inyoni iya-ndiza.
The bird is flying.
I-bhaluni li-ya-ndiza.
The balloon is flying.
I-zingubo zi-ya-ndiza ocingweni.
Clothes are flying on the clothesline.
Usain Bolt a-ka-gijimi.  U-ya-ndiza!
Usain Bolt doesn’t run.  He flies.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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