Cut in Zulu

To cut something is sika in Zulu. 

Fashion designers in Milan and Montreal cut cloth or fabric to make amazing outfits.  Mothers cut meat into equal pieces for all the children. 
Once upon a time in Africa, kings owned land on behalf of the people, so they would cut some and give it to someone.  It was borrowing because land was not sold.  Real estate came with settlers from Europe.

Si-ka.  The first part is pronounced as sea, sick or see.  The second part is in Kalamata.

Sika ka-ncane.
Cut a little bit.
Sika le-ngubo.
Cut this dress.
Albrun, sika u-tshani.
Albrun, cut the grass (mow lawn).
Aileen, sika i-sinkwa.
Aileen, slice some bread.
Prince, sika i-sinkwa.
Prince, slice some bread.
Sika u-mhlaba.
Cut some land (could be for condo development).
Sika a-ma-credit cards.
Cut up your credit cards.
Sika kwe-li-noni-le.
Take the best.
U-zi-sike-la kwe-li-noni-le.
He’s taking the best for himself/herself.
I’m being cut up (pregnant woman on labour pains).
Sika ngo-mmese.
Cut with a knife.
Nga-zi-sika ngo-mmese.
(Crying) I cut myself with a knife.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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