Boring Home Decor

Cash people who live in Connecticut mansions, have Central Park apartments in New York City and cottages on Martha’s Vineyard have a lot of space. Are there grapes on that vineyard?  Sorry.  Back to space.
Cashless folks have limited space.  No problem.  Fingers are not the same height.  The problem is boring home décor, the result of habit.  That chair sits over there.  Who moved it?  The bookcase has been in the same spot since Bushy was born, you proudly tell visitors.  (He is now in the U.S. Senate, and hopefully not the White House).

I must come up with a plan for fixing this boring home décor, without putting more injury on the credit card.  Flip the script, as kids on the block put it.  How about putting things where they are not supposed to be? 
The night table is a table period.  How about moving both night tables to the lounge?  Visitors won’t object to their drinks sitting there.  I don’t think so. 
OMG!  The chairs and table don’t match!  Just ignore the home décor police and put handbags when they will really feel at home, receiving visitors.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African movie.


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