Secret Agents On The Dole

The FBI, CIA, MI5, KGB and other espionage outfits globally, are facing massive lay-offs because the nature of their job has changed.  Intelligence.  I suppose it is called intelligence work because before the internet, gathering sensitive information needed intelligent men and women.

Not anymore.  It is out in the open, or should I say on your screen?  Forget Wikileaks.  We know about that.  I’m sure CIA mini directors, Google that before they drink their morning coffee. 
Bloggers and ordinary folks also post all kinds of information that is supposed to be ‘classified’, classified against the people to protect governments and their secret dealings.

How about defections?  We don’t hear about those anymore because somebody defecting from the USSR to the U.S. is not bringing any fresh state secrets.  Most of them can be found online.  Sorry.  I blame Hollywood for all those movies about scientists and ballet dancers defecting.
Hollywood has also stopped making movies about double agents (spies).  I’m a triple agent myself because I dabble in Twitter, FB and Google+.

The internet killed hundreds of newspapers, so CIA, take a number.  You are next.
Sorry Mr. Jones we must axe your department.  That information is now available on YouTube.
Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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