Book Packaging

Best selling author.  That’s right.  I should re-package myself and add a trailer to my name otherwise, I will never convince more readers to buy my book.

Seemingly, you folks only buy books by best selling authors.  I never used that trailer before because I thought it was based on actual book sales. 
Let’s leave e-books out of the equation for now, because the best-selling author designation, was born before e-reading.  Is that the correct term, e-reading?  Never mind.

Sales.  Yes.  I thought best selling author was about numbers.  Author A sold 5 million copies of his last book, followed by Author B with a lukewarm 900 copies.
My colleague Mushroom depressed me even more when he said it is also based on countries.  What is a best seller in Country A might be peanuts in Country B.

I’m older and wiser now because I know that the best-selling author hashtag is not based on sales, whether it is Ireland or the U.S.  Anybody can use it.  It is not illegal.  I cannot be accused of treason.
It is just garnish publishers put on books to dupe potential readers.  From now on, yours truly is Nonqaba waka Msimang, best selling author of Sweetness the novel.

Sound right doesn’t it?


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