Mobile Phones and Mathematics

There’s something called a self-inflicted wound.  I think it means I caused my own pain.  I don’t have anybody to blame but myself.

A good example of a self-inflicted wound is the stress about people not returning or ignoring your calls.

‘He is not picking my calls,’ a popular line in Nigerian movies. 
It comes from picking up.  Some people say he is not taking or ignoring my calls.

The self-inflicted wound comes from mathematics.  Leaving 20 messages on someone’s phone means you are not good in this subject, despite the education your parents gave you.

One + one = two.  If someone doesn’t take your call the third time around, it means he or she doesn’t want to speak to you.  Period.  Just move on and don’t inflict any wounds on your beautiful body and intelligence.
Math is also a factor when it comes to weekend fun or holidays.  If she doesn’t return your calls about plans for the long weekend, it means that she has other plans to end that week and you are not part of it.  Leaving messages on Friday, Saturday and Sunday means that you were never good in math.

It also means you need psychiatric help, before you inflict more wounds on yourself. 
‘Sorry.  I lost my phone.  That’s why I didn’t return your calls.’


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