Long Johns And Bus Shelters

Victoria Principal, Lingerie Plus or La-Senza do not stock long johns but they are very sexy in winter.  Well! Sexy might be the wrong word.  Come to think of it, the right one is survival. 

Long johns are a survival item if you take the bus, otherwise you will find yourself sandwiched among 10 people in a bus shelter, who did not have the sense to buy them, knowing full well that they live in a country with a minimum of -20 degrees.

Some of them were too cold to brush their teeth or have a hot shower provided by the local hydro company.  Others might have taken some gin and tonic or scotch on the rocks to ward off the biting cold.

People outside the bus shelter don’t have to experience all this because they are wearing long johns, maybe three pairs so they are waiting for the bus outside and just walk around to prevent their toes from freezing.

It is therefore your choice.  To long john or not, that is the question.  I’m not trying to be Shakespeare or anything.  Oh!  You call them tights or leggings.  That’s cool, but it is all long johns to me.


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