Data Plans vs Pocket Money

 I want to send a text to the Queen of England and ask her to reconsider some of the things that have made her language stagnant.  I wanted to say old school but she is not clued up at all with what is trending online or the streets.

Take pocket money for example.  Money in general is no longer in the pocket.  It is in our fingers.  We punch ATM’s and green dollar bills slide out.  We massage our phones and send money to kids’ accounts who want it for data and other digital related things.

The Queen must understand that kids do not have money in their pockets, but in family credit cards that parents are paying for, or have their own accounts where their scholarship dollars are deposited. 

She must understand that kids do not waste time in bank lines because they are masters of the digital game.  Delete that.  The queen has never stood in line for anything in her life, so she will not understand that.

Kids do not have pocket money.  They have digi-cash.  They swipe cards or punch in numbers on their phones for gas, coffee, headphones, games, latest music, watching movies, you name it.

They don’t ask mom or dad for pocket money.   Instead, they ask them for better data plans. 

“Dad please, this data plan sucks,” says Junior.

Slow down on the language.  Dad might still hold values from the old country and might regard sucks as top of the range insolence. 

Anyway, the point is that kids in the year 2017 do not need pocket money because their world is fully digital.  Digi-cash or better data plans is the only ‘money’ they want.

Forget about people down south in the U.S. of A who used to talk about ‘cash money.’  Pocket money?  The Queen needs to get serious and sort out of her English language. 


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