No Air Miles

I don’t have Air Miles. 

I’m considering putting that on a T-Shirt because I cannot go to the drugstore (chemist) or coffee shop without the cashier asking me if I have air miles.

We waited for about two minutes the other day, while this guy looked for his Air Miles card in his overweight wallet.  For what?  For a few points.
I don’t have air miles because Mathematics is a foreign language.  I was never good in numbers. That is why I squashed the idea of being an investment banker very early in life.  I understand you can invest in cornfields before the soil is turned up or pork bellies even before a baby pig is born.

That is how I view air miles, investing in tomorrow or the unknown.  I’m the dumb one.  Some people understand this air miles’ thing so well, I overheard one customer saying:

I can even convert my points into cash.
Points and air miles are the same thing in Canada and the U.S.  Drugstores or clothing stores even give you a card to collect points.

O.K. I admit it.  Math is not my thing but what I know for sure is that Air Miles or points want me to do one thing, buy, buy and buy.
Sorry.  I can’t.  I maxed the credit card.


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