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Valentine's Day Wish List

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and people who are in the loving business have already dropped hints about what they want.Others are not so subtle.They have demands that should be met on the 14th of February. Some naughty girls even say yes to pursuing boys at the end of January, with the hope of getting stones forcefully mined from the ground, Christian Louboutin shoes, or even cars on Valentine’s Day.

Please be merciful and forgive and forget if your demands are not met.I did. I forgave family and friends for not buying me the photography hardware I wanted for Christmas.Well! I talked incessantly about the various camera lenses I wished for on top on the camera body itself, which costs only $15,000.Please don’t translate this into your local currently if you live in Africa or Asia.

Oh! Yes! Big league photographers do not use Mickey Mouse cameras with built in lenses.They have special lenses to capture the inside of a lily or insects and their camera bags are insured. I won’t do it a…

No Air Miles

I don’t have Air Miles.

I’m considering putting that on a T-Shirt because I cannot go to the drugstore (chemist) or coffee shop without the cashier asking me if I have air miles.

We waited for about two minutes the other day, while this guy looked for his Air Miles card in his overweight wallet.For what?For a few points. I don’t have air miles because Mathematics is a foreign language.I was never good in numbers. That is why I squashed the idea of being an investment banker very early in life.I understand you can invest in cornfields before the soil is turned up or pork bellies even before a baby pig is born.

That is how I view air miles, investing in tomorrow or the unknown.I’m the dumb one.Some people understand this air miles’ thing so well, I overheard one customer saying:
I can even convert my points into cash. Points and air miles are the same thing in Canada and the U.S.Drugstores or clothing stores even give you a card to collect points.

O.K. I admit it.Math is not my thing but what …