Cashiers And Correct Change

I don’t question change from cashiers for the following reasons:

·         They are mad at me for using cash because the whole world is swiping debit cards and cards with future cash (credit cards).

·         Cashiers are techies, or new school.  They don’t know how to count old school.  They give me the evil eye when I give them $20.05 if the bill is $15.05.  I just want $5 back and not silver coins that will dig another hole in my wallet.

·         Cashiers do not have enough change in the cash float because management does not expect many customers that use cash money, a blues singer in Georgia, U.S. once sang.

·         People behind me in the line are already fanning themselves with their plastic money.

Maybe cashiers are not the problem.  I’m just using them as a scapegoat.  The truth of the matter is, whenever I question change, it turns out to be the correct change.

“I’m sorry about that.”
“No problem.”

No problem?  I know what she will say to other cashiers, when they discuss customers from hell.   I don’t care.  I got even one day because a cashier gave me more change by three dollars.  I didn’t own up.  Just called it my lucky day.  Ma will be so ashamed.


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