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Amused 2017

It is a few hours to the new year and 2017 is already laughing at us. Why are these people shouting happy new year?How do they know it will be full of joy and virus free?

Well! What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you. That is what we do with babies.We are ecstatic when they are born.They might turn out to be brilliant inventors that will make life possible without money.They might be chess players, farmers, doctors or thugs. O.K. Delete thugs, but it is the anticipation of good things to come, better things than the rough patch in 2016.In fact, the present year is already feeling like the bad guy to be shot dead with champagne corks and popping balloons.

We are happy about the new year because we love flower buds and their destination: blooming into bright flowers.We hope the sun does not scorch them to death or blown away by evil winds. It is happy new year because it might be the last time we smile in 2017.Thanks to electronic banking, we know that our credit cards have been busy as Santa …

Cashiers And Correct Change

I don’t question change from cashiers for the following reasons:
·They are mad at me for using cash because the whole world is swiping debit cards and cards with future cash (credit cards).
·Cashiers are techies, or new school.They don’t know how to count old school.They give me the evil eye when I give them $20.05 if the bill is $15.05.I just want $5 back and not silver coins that will dig another hole in my wallet.
·Cashiers do not have enough change in the cash float because management does not expect many customers that use cash money, a blues singer in Georgia, U.S. once sang.
·People behind me in the line are already fanning themselves with their plastic money.
Maybe cashiers are not the problem.I’m just using them as a scapegoat.The truth of the matter is, whenever I question change, it turns out to be the correct change.
“I’m sorry about that.” “No problem.” No problem?I know what she will say to other cashiers, when t…