Einstein Passengers

Being a passenger is very stressful. 

You must listen to the owner of the car, nod and grumble yes to everything he says because you don’t want to piss him off.
Two things can happen if you disagree with the driver: he can lose concentration and you all end up in a mash-up accident or stop the car and ask you to get out. 

That is the driver’s prerogative.  You must listen to me if you are a passenger in my car.  Let’s flip the script for a minute and sympathise with the driver if she has a passenger who is more intelligent than Albert Einstein.
He talks non-stop.  It is all about himself, how right he is, how good he is, how stupid his boss is. Einstein is also a driving instructor. 

“Careful.  Look at that guy.  Is he crazy or something?” says Einstein.

Einstein is the unofficial pilot.  He presses imaginary brakes in the passenger seat when the driver stops abruptly for a guy who is texting on his bicycle.
A certain Einstein took it to another level.  She told me that buying a car was a waste of money because it loses value the minute it leaves the showroom.  She suggested real investments like buying land, houses or apartments.

I tapped the clutch, changed gears and my baby took the hill head-on.  Einstein clung to her seat.  Good!  The nerve!  Please interview people before you give them a ride.

Are you Einstein or quiet passenger?


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